Monday, September 26, 2022

As Hurricane Ian approaches, we have mobilized our internal staff to provide additional support for you as well as the healthcare partners we serve.  See below for important information. 

First, and most importantly, stay safe!  Please take whatever measures you need to prepare and to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

If you’re available to work: 

  • Because your safety is our first priority, please monitor local conditions to ensure that you’re able to travel safely before or after your shift.
  • Consider taking an overnight bag with you in case it is not safe to leave the facility, and so that you have the option to stay if you are needed and able to do so. 
  • If your situation changes and you’re unable to go to a scheduled shift, please call out on the Gale app as soon as possible so that other clinicians have an opportunity to replace you. 

If you’re inactive, but available for emergency response needs. 

  • If you are not currently active with Gale, for any reason, but would be interested in working as part of our emergency response clinical team, please contact your market management team. While requirements for each facility may vary, our goal is to connect as many clinicians and facilities as possible to meet community needs. 

Contact Information

Contact us immediately if we can help you with any issues - big or small. We will be operating in emergency response mode throughout the storm and in the days afterwards to ensure you have prompt payment and any other assistance needed. Please contact your advocate, email your market management team, or call our 24/7 support line at (727) 321-5877. 

Additional Resources For You and Your Family  

You can monitor this storm on the National Hurricane Center website and by following the  local news. 

Information on how to best prepare for hurricanes can be found at Recommended items include: 

  • Evacuation Plan
  • Medications
  • Water
  • Important documents (Birth Certificates, SSN, Passports, etc.)
  • Cash (In case of power outage)
  • Battery Powered Radio
  • List of phone numbers (Family, Doctors, Neighbors)
  • Full tank of Gas
  • First Aid Kit
  • Pet Supplies (Food, Medications, Microchip Records, Leash)
  • Special supplies for babies and the elderly
  • Cooler and Ice 

Start preparing now so that you and your family have what you need. Most importantly, stay safe