Enlist Top Talent with Gale's On-Demand Workforce

Tap into 350,000 healthcare professionals, ensuring the best fit for your staffing needs.

  • Overtime and workers’ compensation protections

  • Streamlined hiring with credentialing and onboarding

  • Low-risk, on-demand W2 workers with legal liability covered by Gale


Say Goodbye to Unexpected Costs & Hidden Fees

Gale's versatile staffing solution creates efficiencies in cost and effectiveness. You only pay for the hours filled, providing you the means to:

  • Enhance internal staffing levels
  • Maximize census revenue growth
  • Eliminate reliance on traditional agency nursing

Let's Talk

Whether you have a 5-minute question or would like a 60-minute demo, we are standing by to discuss how Gale can assist your community.

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Enjoy Unmatched Personalized Support

for Ensured Success

We are fully committed to your success. Gale works tirelessly to provide tailored customer service, including:


24/7 Support Center
Enjoy on-demand assistance and solutions whenever you need it.

Dedicated Account Manager
Access personalized support to track market-based pay rates, optimize fill rates, and to resolve any other challenges that arise.

Actionable Insights
Reduce administrative burden with tools and analytics such as PPE, PBJ, and transactional reports.

Ready to see how Gale can support your community’s operations?

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