Factors Before
Choosing Your
Staffing Partner

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Deciding to partner with a company to help fill gaps in staffing is a big decision.

Maybe you've never relied on outside staffing support in the past. Or maybe you've been burned by staffing companies who over-promised and under-delivered. Whatever your situation, the fact is, not all nurse staffing companies are created equal. When considering a staffing partner, there are five key factors to keep in mind.

You want a partner that can make your life easier - not create more hassles!

In this eBook, we'll cover five questions you should ask before hiring a nurse staffing company:

  1. Are they a platform-based company?
  2. Do they offer W2 employees or 1099 independent contractors?
  3. Can they offer a complete staffing solution?
  4. Can they provide staff records quickly?
  5. What pay rates are they offering their staff?

Pick a Partner that Protects You. Gale classifies all our nurses as W-2 employees.

As a W2 employer committed to ensuring no person goes without care, we look forward to working on solutions that support caregivers and strengthen our healthcare system. Choose Gale to help supplement your staff and fill your open shifts today.

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